Havana Youth League Board Announced

The 2021 Havana Youth League Baseball/Softball Board of Commissioners is a solid group of community leaders determined to help make the next season of baseball and softball a safe, enjoyable experience for area youth and their fans.

The new executive board members are:

  • President – Tyler Southwood
  • Vice President – Randi Cowell
  • Treasurer – Jenny Stuhmer
  • Secretary – Ryan Daum
  • Commissioner – Jennifer Burgess

The five voting members of the executive board form the foundation of the volunteer organization needed to offer recreational and travel softball and baseball to area youth. This board meets the legal standards of non-profit status with the State of Illinois.

Community leaders are stepping up to meet the chores for the Havana Youth League. Stephanie Bailey, Lucretia Duncan, Sam Fawcett, Ollie Mendenhall, and Keri Pequignot have volunteered to serve on various committees. Potential coaches for next season are also signing up. To volunteer for the Havana Youth League please visit our Volunteer registration page.

Troy Wickman, Havana Park District commissioner, will formalize the new board with former HYL President Darren Layton. HYL will then begin registering players for the upcoming season.