At Bat for Havana Youth Baseball and Softball

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Thanks for helping HYL

bring baseball and softball to Havana area youth.

The Board of Directors for the Havana Youth League (HYL) extends our gratitude to our past, present, and future sponsors. You make summer ball for our youth possible.

Due to the uncertainties and concerns of the pandemic the necessary fundraising efforts were placed on hold due to concerns for the safety of participants and the challenges imposed on local businesses and organizations (our sponsors).

We are reaching out to our banner sponsors to ask for your renewed support of the Havana Youth League to help with the costs of field maintenance, gameday field preparations, and umpires. Prior donations $300-$500 were required to get your banner hung up. During this summer of recovery, we are asking for any monetary donation to help to keep baseball and softball fun and exciting moving forward for our youth.

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    • JENNIFER BURGESS – President
    • PETE HILST – Vice President
    • JENNY STUHMER – Treasurer
    • TABITHA MARTIN-HILST – Treasurer
    • JENNIFER BURGESS – Softball Commissioner
    • SCOTT MILLER – Baseball Commissioner